Boracay Outfit

haha! Sorry for my title.
♪♫I’m just so excited and I just can’t hide it♪♫ .. Few days to go and it’s boracay escapade time!

I can’t think of any words now except “Boracay” (haha). Seriously, I can’t find striking title suits for this post, so I just wrote what came first.

Anyways, since I want everything to be extra special for this trip, from accommodation down to every single activity to be done and of course not to forget – the outfit (oh! come on!). I’m done  searching for the possible recreational activities to enjoy in Boracay, I am here now, currently exploring the best outfit to wear! aw! uber! excited *_*

photo credits to millionlooks

I’ve seen friends, celebrities and models who wear dresses in the beach during summer season. I think I would love to have one for my boracay trip. I will just make extra care of choosing what suits me, to avoid an over look dress.

Talking about swimsuits…

I meanly admit that I don’t have a coca-cola body (sob) but I proudly admit that I have a gorgeous body (pweeeee). So talking about swimsuit makes me weak (haha). But I was so enlightened about the article of Oprah on how to look slim in a swimsuit. She said, avoid buying smaller size of swim suit, instead buy bigger swim wear with accordance to your size. I have to gradually brighten up my swimsuit as well, so am planning to buy a mocha or chocolate color swimsuit (haha). Wish me Luck (winks)

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